Keep Gaza warm this winter

February 9, 2024

Gaza 2024

Winter is tough for people in poor shelters and dealing with poverty. With the cold and harsh weather in full force, families are reliant on candles for light and warmth.  Winter is a strenuous period for those living in shelters and the struggles for the most vulnerable people in Gaza have been intensified due to the siege.

In Gaza, life has become even harder due to the bombardments. The last four months has left Gaza unrecognisable. More than 30,000 Palestinians have been killed in airstrikes. Hospitals, homes, and places of worships, has been severely damaged, leaving families shattered and with no shelter.

Our team in Gaza are distributing winter blankets for internally displaced persons (IDPs) and affected families in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, to alleviate their suffering in this cold weather during the current crisis.

We could not do this without your help. Donate today and help us keep Gaza warm.

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