Community Development

Empower Palestinians to build strong, resilient communities.

iF Charity - Palestinian Farmer showing his crops

The ongoing and debilitating siege on Gaza affects every aspect of Palestinian life; the Gaza Strip has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world, while poor infrastructure and inadequate housing across Gaza leave Palestinian families stuck in a cycle of poverty and insecurity.

Palestinians in Gaza have the right to access work and livelihood opportunities to build self-reliance. With iF Charity, you can help to break the cycle of poverty.

iF Charity’s continues to empower Palestinians across the Gaza Strip in their efforts to access livelihood opportunities and build strong, resilient communities.

Our Community Support Projects address the negative impact caused by the debilitating siege on the Gaza Strip. This includes our Job Creation Programme, which provides work opportunities for individuals across Gaza as well as livelihood projects for needy families, helping them to achieve a sustainable source of income.

Through the provision of water and desalination plants across the Gaza Strip, our Water Programme helps to reduce long-term water poverty by providing clean, safe drinking water to families and communities across the Gaza Strip.