About us

Since 2002, iF Charity has been working with its partners to support Palestinians through a variety of relief and development programmes.

In response to the devastating impact of the 2008-2009 assault on Gaza, iF Charity began focusing its work on addressing the worsening humanitarian crisis affecting thousands of Palestinians across the Gaza Strip.

Our mission is to:

To further empower the people of Gaza in their efforts to build strong and resilient communities through poverty relief, education, community development and medical aid.

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Our Record Breaking Achievements


In 2009, more than 1,500 people joined iF Charity to take part in a record-breaking run in east London to raise money for children in Gaza. The event attracted 1,675 participants, setting a world record for the most people running a 100-metre relay race.

The Big Read

The BIG Read campaign was launched by iF Charity in 2010. In partnership with the London Muslim Centre, Muslim Aid, Islamic Forum of Europe and Tower Hamlets Council, IF Charity sought to break the world record for the “most children reading with an adult”, creating the largest shared reading experience in the world! Up to 5,000 children from schools across the UK will took part in the event, as well as celebrity readers.

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