Making a difference in Gaza this Ramadan with IF Charity

March 7, 2024

IF Charity - A view of the destruction in Gaza - Ramadan 2024

Ramadan, the holy month of reflection, prayer, and community, is also a time of giving and compassion. As Muslims around the globe observe this sacred period, IF Charity invites you to extend your generosity to the people of Gaza, who face unprecedented challenges every day. 

Through your donations, you can provide essential support in the form of food parcels, medical aid, iftar meals, emergency relief, and support for children. Here’s how your contributions can make a significant impact in Gaza this Ramadan.

Provide Iftar meals: Sharing the blessings of Ramadan

Ramadan is a time of communal iftars and sharing meals, but for many displaced families in Gaza, the reality is far different. 

With just £5, you can help IF Charity feed a hot, nutritious iftar meal to a Palestinian family, allowing them to break their fast with dignity and joy. This simple act of kindness embodies the spirit of Ramadan and offers a moment of peace to those facing hardship.

Family food parcels: Nourishing families in need

In Gaza, where economic hardship is a daily reality for many, securing basic food supplies can be a struggle, especially so with the current conflict.

IF Charity’s Food Aid programme aims to alleviate this burden by delivering food parcels to the displaced and refugee families in Gaza. Each £50 donation provides a family in Gaza with essential food items and supplies, ensuring they have enough to sustain themselves during the holy month. 

By donating to our Food Aid programme, you’re not just feeding a family; you’re bringing them hope and comfort during Ramadan.

Medical Aid: Lifesaving assistance

With Gaza’s healthcare system under immense strain, the need for medical assistance is more critical than ever. A £100 donation to our Medical Aid projects helps provide life-saving medical support to the most vulnerable, including the elderly, people with disabilities, and children. 

Your contribution goes towards strengthening Gaza’s healthcare infrastructure, providing essential medicines, equipment, and support to those who would otherwise have no access to care.

Provide Emergency Relief: Immediate support in times of crisis

Gaza’s volatile situation often necessitates urgent relief to address basic and financial needs arising from sudden crises, including the current conflict. 

By donating £75 to our Emergency Relief fund, you enable IF Charity to respond swiftly to these needs, providing immediate assistance to those affected by conflict, or other emergencies. Your donation ensures that help is available when and where it is needed most.

Support Gaza’s Children: Investing in the future

Children in Gaza face a myriad of challenges from an early age – from food and medicine shortages, to life-changing injuries and trauma. 

A donation as low as just £25 to our Children’s Fund can help support the well-being and development of Gaza’s youngest residents, many of whom are orphaned, offering them hope and opportunities for a better future. 

Your donation can help provide educational materials, psychological support, and recreational activities that are crucial for children’s growth and resilience.

Your Religious Donations: Fidya, Kaffarah, Zakat, and Zakat-al-Fitr

IF Charity also welcomes your religious donations, including Fidya, Kaffarah, Zakat, and Zakat-al-Fitr, to support our projects in Gaza. These contributions are not only a fulfillment of your religious obligations but also a powerful means of supporting those in need in Gaza. 

By directing your religious donations to IF Charity, you ensure that your zakat has a lasting impact on the lives of the most vulnerable.

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How to donate to Gaza

Donating to IF Charity this Ramadan is easy and impactful. Visit our Ramadan 2024 campaign page to choose how you wish to support Gaza. 

Whether it’s a food parcel, medical aid, an iftar meal, emergency relief, support for children, or your religious donations, every pound you give makes a difference in Gaza.

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