Stand with Gaza this Ramadan

The Prophet (PBUH) said: “The best charity is the one which is given in Ramadan.”

IF Charity - Ramadan in Gaza

As we embrace the blessed month of Ramadan, our hearts are heavy with the plight of our brothers and sisters in Gaza. In the spirit of compassion and generosity that defines this sacred month, we invite you to join us and spend Ramadan with Gaza.

Gaza is facing a dire humanitarian crisis that demands our urgent attention and collective action. Families are struggling to meet their basic needs, and the impact of conflict has left many without homes, food, and access to essential services.

The resilient spirit of the people of Gaza shines through, but they need our support to rebuild their lives.

By providing families in Gaza with urgent relief, including cash aid, food and medical aid, you can help to ease their burdens and restore hope to their lives during this this holy month.  

Ramadan in Gaza may be difficult, but the people of Gaza have shown us time and time again what faith and resilience look like. In this time of calamity, Gaza needs us more than ever. 

Since 2002, iF Charity has been working with its partners to support Palestinians through a variety of relief and development programmes. You can support families in Gaza during this special time by donating to our Ramadan programmes today.  

How you can help

IF Charity staff distributing food supplies and aid in Gaza


Food Parcel

Deliver a food parcel in Gaza to those most in need

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Our Food Aid programme provides families in Gaza with essential food and supplies. We deliver food packs and deliver iftar meals to families most in need. Donating to our Food Aid programme can go a long way to easing the burdens of families in Gaza struggling to make ends meet.

IF Charity staff working with injured people in Gaza


Medical Aid

strengthen Gaza by providing life saving medical assistance

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This Ramadan, our Medical Aid projects focus on addressing the health status and wellbeing of some of the most vulnerable people in Gaza, including the elderly, people with disabilities and children. With healthcare services at breaking point across the Gaza Strip, your support is urgently needed.

IF Charity staff distributing cooked food in Gaza


Iftar Meal

Hot, nutritious evening meal

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Help feed a hot iftar meal to a displaced family in Gaza

IF Charity staff distributing food supplies in Gaza


Emergency Relief

basic urgent and financial needs

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Allow your donation to be used for urgent basic and financial needs


Fulfil your Zakat obligation with iF Charity today

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Zakat is a core pillar of our faith and helps us to grow closer to Allah (SWT). Giving your Zakat through iF Charity has the potential to change lives for the better for years to come.

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to be paid before Eid prayer

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Zakat-al-Fitr refers to the charity given at the end of Ramadan’s last fast. It is compulsory for every Muslim to give Zakat-al Fitr before Eid Salah.

Your £5 Zakat-al-Fitr donation can make all the difference to someone in Gaza. Donate today.



missed or broken fasts

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If you have missed fasts out of necessity and are unable to make up for the lost days afterwards, you need to pay Fidyah (£5 for each day that is missed). Learn more here.

If you have missed fasts unnecessarily, you must pay Kaffarah (£300 for each broken fast).

iF Charity ensures that Fidya donations go directly to feeding a needy family in the Gaza Strip. Make your payments easily today.



intentionally missed or broken fasts

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If you have missed fasts unnecessarily, you can must pay Kaffarah for each broken fast – that’s £300 day. Learn more here.

iF Charity ensures that Kaffarah donations go directly to feeding a needy family in the Gaza Strip. Make your payments easily today.


Children's Fund

Donate to help children

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Provide support for Gaza’s orphaned and needy children

How you can help

£5can complete your Zakat-al Fitr

£50can provide a family food parcel for the month of Ramadan

£5can provide a person with a hot, nutritious iftar meal

£75can help with basic and financial needs

£25can support orphans and needy children

£100can provide essential Medical Aid to Gaza

£5can be Fidyah for each day that fast is missed

£300can be Kaffarah for each broken fast

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