Gaza Relief Programme

The siege has devastated Gaza; you can be part of the relief effort.

iF Charity - Palestinian woman holding a child

The siege on Gaza has devastated its economy; more than 80% of Gaza’s population live below the poverty line, and many families struggle to afford basic commodities including food and water.

Our Relief Programme supports families in Gaza through the provision of food aid, shelter, financial support and emergency aid.

How you can help

£25can support our women and girls project

£45can provide a family with a food parcel

£50can provide a family with financial aid

More on this

iF Charity - Palestinian Farmer showing his crops

Community Development

Empower Palestinians to build strong, resilient communities.
iF Charity - Palestinian Girls - Children

Child Sponsorship

Bring hope for a better future; sponsor a child in Gaza today.
iF Charity - Palestinian Boy - Child in a refugee tent

Seasonal Aid

Provide urgent relief to families in Gaza during Ramadan, Eid Al-Adha and winter.