Medical Aid

The Gaza Strip’s medical sector is at breaking point; be a lifeline for Gaza.

iF Charity - Palestinian Girl during an optician medical checkup

The ongoing blockade has left vital medicines and medical disposables across the Gaza Strip at zero-stock levels. Frequent assaults on the coastal enclave have resulted in hospitals and health clinics struggling to find the capacity to treat patients.

Meanwhile, families in Gaza are unable to afford basic healthcare, often having to choose between medical treatment and very basic daily essentials, including food, water and fuel.

The Gaza Strip’s medical sector is at breaking point, and Palestinians with illnesses, injuries and disabilities urgently need your help.

Our Medical Aid projects focus on addressing the health status and wellbeing of some of the most vulnerable people in Gaza, including the elderly, people with disabilities and children. The support we provide includes the provision of medicines, medical disposables, financial aid and recreational activities.

We also carry out training programmes for nurses and first aiders, as well as providing Gaza hospitals with fuel, medicines and medical disposables which are essential for maintaining the functioning of critical health services for the Gaza population.