Can you help Palestine in 2023?

January 20, 2023

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The Palestinian people suffered greatly last year. The cold and harsh weather meant that families were dependent on candles for warmth and light.  Those living in shelters struggled with the low temperatures and the most vulnerable people in Gaza were unable to access the support they need due to the ongoing occupation.

The blockade left life-saving treatments and medicine in short supply in Gaza. Frequent attacks on the coastal enclave left hospitals and clinics struggling to look after patients.

How can you help?  

At iF, our wide-ranging programmes provide long-term benefits to individuals and communities across the Gaza Strip.

Currently, we are running our winter campaign. During the colder months, iF Charity will be on the ground providing vital financial and winter aid to vulnerable families.

With your donations, the iF team are able to support the people of Palestine in their hardships and provide relief to their struggles.

Want to raise money by doing a challenge? Register your interest here and help save lives.

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