2022: A year of hardship for Palestine

December 22, 2022


As we approach the final few weeks of the year, let us remember the many difficulties Palestinians have gone through this year.

With the cold and harsh weather in full force, families are reliant on candles for light and warmth.  Winter is a strenuous period for those living in shelters and the struggles for the most vulnerable people in Gaza have been intensified due to the 15-year siege.

The blockade has left crucial medicines and life-saving treatments at zero-stock levels in Gaza. Frequent attacks on the coastal enclave have left hospitals and clinics struggling to treat patients.

Meanwhile, families in Gaza are unable to afford basic healthcare. They often choose between medical treatment and very basic daily essentials.

How can you help?

At iF charity, our Medical Aid projects work on tackling the well-being of the elderly, people with disabilities and children.

We provide centres with medicines, medical disposables, and financial aid. We also carry out training programs for health practitioners, as well as provide Gaza hospitals with fuel.

We also run winter campaigns. This winter, iF Charity will be on the ground, providing vital financial and winter aid to vulnerable families.

With your donations, the iF team are able to support the people of Palestine in their hardships and provide relief to their struggles.

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