How iF tackles the poverty crisis in Gaza

February 16, 2023

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The cost of living has soared in Gaza. The brutal siege has left at least 80% of families in Gaza reliant on international aid to meet their basic needs. The unemployment rate is over 40% which means the people in Gaza are struggling to make ends meet.

Families fraught with poverty are dealing with many difficulties such as food insecurity, cramped housing, unable to pay for education, medicines and life saving treatments. With a poor economy, the opportunity to earn a living is severely limited. The decades long siege has impacted industries and labour work.

How can you help?  

At iF, we work with many families who are struggling with the impact of poverty and the limitations caused by the siege.

We sponsor children, provide medical and food aid for families. With your help, we are able to support job creation and income generation.

With your donations, the iF team are able to support the people of Palestine in their hardships and provide relief to their struggles.

Want to raise money by doing a challenge? Register your interest here and help save lives.

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