UN’s Education Week: How IF supports Palestinian children

November 3, 2022

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In November, the UN marks Education Week to highlight the role of education in building a better world.

The importance of schooling is revered across the world. However, the 15-year-old siege in Gaza has left Palestinian children struggling to fulfil their right to an education. In May 2021, a quarter of all schools were attacked in Gaza. 67 Palestinian children were also killed in the assault.

Outside of the attacks, schools in Gaza struggle with chronic power cuts. Due to the siege, Gaza only has around 4-6 hours of electricity per day. This detrimentally effects learning time as well access to resources.

How can you help?  

Despite the struggles, Gaza has a literacy rate of 97% – one of the highest in the world. At IF, our Education Programme aims to assist Palestinian children throughout their educational years. With your support, we provide school kits, uniforms and computers. We also help cover tuition fees for university students. Additionally, we aid educational institutions by providing generators and equipment. Donate today and together we can support Gaza’s right to an education.

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