International Men’s Day

November 19, 2021

iF Charity 2021_11_19_International Men's Day

Over 60% of young men in Gaza are unemployed and general unemployment is over 40% for older age groups in Gaza. The siege has severely curtailed the ability of men to earn for their families, and alongside this and ongoing trauma, men in Gaza are facing a crisis that is often overlooked.

iF Charity has worked to support men in Gaza through its student fee support, financial aid for families, debt relief, medical aid and income generation programmes.

Our work with fathers, brothers and husbands has shown a tragic picture of men caught between poverty, ill health and despair. Despite this, they are keen to provide comfort and improve the lives of their own families and we have witnessed the tenacity and good humour they have shown in trying to strive for better.

iF Charity has also worked with a number of families where the men are struggling with poor mental health, and this has a hugely negative impact on everyone. With few services available, and a stigma of men asking for help the silent mental health crisis in Gaza is ongoing and men continue to suffer and harm the well being of the entire community.

With your help, this year we have helped thousands of families and eased the burden facing many men in Gaza. However, there is much that needs to be done to address their specific needs and a key part of this is to acknowledge their humanity and their struggles without shame or judgement.

On International Men’s Day, we celebrate the men that work hard for their families and communities in Gaza. We recognise that they also need support that helps them cope with poverty and trauma and that ensuring men’s struggles are spoken of and addressed is vital for the well being of women and children in Gaza too.

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