Update: Bringing Ease to Hardworking Women and Carers

July 7, 2021

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We met with three extraordinary women during Ramadan who were caring for unwell and disabled family members and trying to survive in very difficult circumstances that were taking a toll on their health too.

So many of you were moved by their stories and we are grateful for your concern and support. This week our team visited Samia, Haneen and Basma and provided them with vital financial aid that will help improve their situation and give them some respite.

Samia was grateful to be able to buy much needed food and hygiene supplies as well as medicines that her severely disabled brothers and cancer stricken husband need. She is going to buy a food processor so she can make food her brothers can eat more easily. She is also keen to use some of the money to improve their home and make it a healthier environment for them.

Basma is a mother of two children with disabilities and she was happy to be able to provide them with a nebulizer device to help their breathing and comfort as well as food, medicines and being able to repay her debts to the pharmacy. She is also looking to get her daughter a wheelchair to improve her mobility and quality of life.

Haneen’s commitment to raising her two children despite her own health issues moved us all. She was grateful for the financial aid received and wants to use some of it to find a good special needs facility to help her son’s physical and mental well being and development. She was also able to buy much needed medicines and hygiene supplies as well as suitable clothes for her children.

All three women have family members that require almost constant care. The recent assault on Gaza added another traumatic and difficult situation for them, and despite their fears they told our team they had no choice but to cope and do their best in those days.

Our team were deeply moved by the response and excitement of the mothers to the support provided. Although the needs are great and this is a small amount of what they need, it has made a difference. The people of Gaza have stories of struggle and hardship but within those are stories of love, sacrifice, duty and joy. We are always grateful to our donors for your generosity and compassion and we hope you will continue to trust and support the work of iF Charity so we can do more for those in Gaza.

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