Nowhere is Safe: Facing Bombs and Fear in Our Homes

May 19, 2021

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Samar works for iF Charity and lives with her extended family outside of Gaza City. Since the bombardment began her family have been gathered together every night in the same room.

The airstrikes can happen any time of the day, but the nights have been especially brutal.

“On the sixth night we gathered in what we think is the safest room. All nine of us together. The explosions were loud and wouldn’t stop and then they began to get closer and closer.

We suddenly heard breaking glass and it was everywhere. I was injured by some and we could hear the children crying. The house was shaking and we were afraid it would collapse around us.

Many of us thought the morning would not come and we prayed to Allah to protect us.

When it finally stopped I went to the roof to see what had happened. Our neighbour’s home had been demolished. They had already evacuated, so no one was killed, thank God!

The electricity is cut off and there is a big hole in the street.

My brother is a cancer patient and he was waiting for the sun to rise so he could leave with his five children.

We considered leaving too as we did in the previous assault, but nowhere is safe in Gaza. We will stay in our home until the end.”

iF Charity are deeply grateful for the hard work and commitment of our colleagues in Gaza. We remain concerned for their safety whilst they fulfil their duties as humanitarian aid workers and also when they return to their homes.

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