Feeding the Fasting and Bringing Comfort to Families…

April 23, 2021

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Your generous donations mean that we can provide vital food aid to thousands of families struggling with food insecurity in Gaza.

We have provided over 300 fresh food parcels, 1817 food parcels with staple items in the first week of Ramadan.

These food parcels have reached families coping with lockdown, poverty and food insecurity.

One such family is the 9 person household of Salem.

Salem is an older man and is responsible for his family despite his own ailing health. He expressed his regret that his children did not have good food for suhoor and that he has been unable to afford basic necessities for them.

“I know that you had difficulty reaching my home, as I live in a remote area, so I thank you-from my heart & may Allah reward!” – Salem

To donate to help feed the fasting you can call us on 0121 663 1309 of donate here now!

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