Your Zakat Makes a Real Difference

April 16, 2021

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How you can help release indebted people from detention and return them to their families…

With unemployment at a staggering 50% in some demographics and one of the highest rates in the world, poverty in Gaza has only worsened since the Covid 19 Pandemic began. Already under siege for over 13 years, 80% of people were already reliant on international assistance for basic survival before the Pandemic began.

The subsequent lockdowns and outbreak of the virus have left the Gaza Strip struggle economically and its health care sector is more under stress than ever.

Many people have had to rely on charity and taking on debts to pay for rent, food, medicines and other basic needs. There are multiple reasons why people who rely on debts to survive are often unable to repay them, however as per the legal system, incurring and defaulting on debts means that people must serve time in jail (91 days maximum) or pay their debt to be released. If they are unable to pay the debt after 91 days, they may need to serve more time.

Whilst in prison, debtors are unable to work and are away from their families. This often increases poverty and is psychologically harmful on them and their families. Many of the debtors are men that are the main breadwinners for their families. Being imprisoned further disadvantages their families and they often feel they have failed societal and familial expectations. This only adds additional layers of tress and anxiety facing men in Gaza.

iF Charity has been providing vital support for our indebted brothers and sisters in Gaza. By paying off their debt, we return them to their families and give them time to find work, navigate their finances better and be free of the burden of their debt.

Your Zakat is applicable to those in debt and this carries immense reward during the month of Ramadan. You are making a huge difference in easing a burden and showing kindness and compassion when you free an indebted prisoner.

We can help you calculate your Zakat and you can donate here today!

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