Remembering the 2014 Assault on Gaza

July 8, 2020


This week marks the 6th anniversary of the 50 day assault on the Gaza Strip in 2014. The assault led to the deaths of over 2300 people, 490 of them children. Over 20,000 homes are reported to have been destroyed and 500,000 people were internally displaced during the violence.

Gaza’s already struggling health care services were also impacted with damage to 17 hospitals and dozens of health care clinics as well as the destruction of ambulances. As medical professionals worked tirelessly, they were trying to save lives whilst medicines and supplies were in zero stock and their own families were at risk.

The damage caused by the 2014 assault is still evident. Homes have not been rebuilt, the siege is ongoing and Gaza’s population is traumatised. It is reported that over a third of children have some form of traumatic stress.

Gaza’s economy and infrastructure continue to deteriorate and as more and more people fall deeper into poverty, more and more people experience physical and mental health issues.

iF Charity has witnessed the impact of ongoing violence and the fear of violence on children and families. Although it has been six years, those six years have not been peaceful for the people of Gaza. They have been unable to heal and recover and things have only gotten worse for many.

As we remember the horrifying violence and loss that the people of Gaza suffered six years ago, we can also make a promise that they will not suffer alone. We will continue to provide programmes and support that helps individuals and the community and address poverty and disadvantage.

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