Fostering Resilience: Our Community Development projects in Gaza

August 31, 2023

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The Gaza Strip grapples with one of the globe’s highest unemployment rates, compounded by the military blockade and poverty, ensnaring Palestinian families in a cycle of destitution and vulnerability.

At the core of this struggle lies the principle of community development, a process that seeks to alleviate such adversities.

Central to our mission is enabling Palestinians in Gaza to access livelihood opportunities that instill self-reliance. By partnering with iF Charity, you become a catalyst for breaking the cycle of poverty.

iF Charity stands firm in its endeavor to bolster Palestinian communities throughout the Gaza Strip. Through its impactful Community Support Projects, we addresses the dire ramifications of the debilitating blockade.

Our Job Creation Programme, fosters employment avenues for individuals across Gaza and lays the foundation for sustainable income sources.

Furthermore, iF Charity’s Water Programme steps in to combat the long-standing water scarcity issue. By creating water and desalination facilities across the Gaza Strip, families and communities have access to clean, safe drinking water, a crucial step toward alleviating enduring water poverty.

By supporting our initiatives, you can contribute to a future where Palestinian communities in Gaza emerge stronger, more empowered, and better equipped to surmount challenges.

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