Break the cycle of poverty in Gaza

June 8, 2023


The Gaza Strip has one of the highest unemployment rates globally, trapping Palestinian families in a cycle of poverty and insecurity due to deficient infrastructure and inadequate housing provisions.

Palestinians residing in Gaza deserve the opportunity to access work and livelihood options, enabling them to cultivate self-reliance.

At the heart of our Community Support Projects, we address the adverse consequences of the blockade on Gaza. Our Job Creation Programme not only offers employment prospects for individuals throughout Gaza but also implements livelihood projects specifically designed to assist vulnerable families in attaining a sustainable and reliable source of income.

By implementing water infrastructure projects, including desalination plants, throughout the Gaza Strip, our Water Programme effectively addresses long-standing water scarcity issues. This initiative plays a crucial role in alleviating water poverty by ensuring the provision of clean and safe drinking water to families and communities across the region.

Our mission is to enable Palestinians to foster resilient and strong communities through these empowerment initiatives. With your support, iF Charity can contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty in Gaza.

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