World Cancer Day: How iF supports Gaza’s health sector

February 3, 2023

iF Charity - Palestinian Girl during an optician medical checkup

World Cancer Day, on the 4 February, is marked to rally international support to overcome barriers to early diagnosis and better treatment for those with cancer. Yet support and aid for those who have cancer are limited for the people in Gaza.

The health sector in Gaza has been left overwhelmed due to attacks over the years and the blockade, which is entering its 16th year. Hospitals and clinics are experiencing a shortage of medicines with a low-level stock of anti-cancer drugs and antibiotics. This means the people in Gaza cannot access life-saving treatments and care.

How can you help?

At iF charity, our Medical Aid projects work on tackling the well-being of the elderly, people with disabilities and children.

We provide centres with medicines and medical disposables. We also carry out training programs for health practitioners, as well as provide Gaza hospitals with fuel. We also focus on relieving the financial burden placed on families seeking costly treatments.

With your donations, the iF team are able to support the people of Palestine who are suffering with cancer.

Want to raise money by doing a challenge? Register your interest here and help save lives.

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