How iF champions Gaza’s rights and freedoms

December 8, 2022

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On December 10, United Nation Human Rights Day is remembered globally to highlight the importance of rights and freedoms to protect the dignity of all human beings.

Human rights are not afforded to all, and the 15-year-old siege in Gaza has left Palestinians struggling to have access to basic rights and freedoms. 

Due to the siege of Gaza, educational facilities across the Gaza Strip lack the necessary resources to provide quality schooling. The bombing of schools over the years has also severely affected education. During the attacks on Gaza in May 2021, a quarter of all schools in Gaza were attacked.

The right to health care has also been impacted in Gaza as hospitals have limited access to electricity and supplies, therefore unable to support patients.

How can we help?

To support Palestinian children in their right to an education, iF runs an Education Programme which aims to assist students during their school years. This includes providing stationery and uniforms as well as covering educational fees.

iF Charity also runs several Medical Aid projects which focus on supporting Gaza’s health sector. We provide medical provisions to care centres across refugee sites. We also deliver training courses for nurses and first aiders, as well as offer Gaza hospitals fuel and medicines.

Palestinians have been stripped of their basic rights and freedoms. With your donations, we can empower the people of Gaza, support them in their hardships and provide relief to their everyday struggles.

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