Umm Ahmed Abu Dan’s Story

April 7, 2022

um ahmed abu dan

During this month of mercy as we fast and pray for forgiveness we are also encouraged to give charity and be kind. So many people are fighting battles and struggling to survive and acknowledging and supporting them can make a huge difference.

Umm Ahmed is a mother living in Gaza. Four of her children have developmental and physical disabilities and her and her husband must care of them with no regular income and whilst living in ‘unliveable’ Gaza.

Their dire situation has impacted the mental health of the children and not all of them are able to hear or verbaly communicate with her. They also cope with the everyday impact of having liver and spleen enlargements which adds to the medical expenses of the family. Umm Ahmed responsibilities grew so much that she had a nervous breakdown and needed to be hospitalised. She continues to have depression and the last bombardment of Gaza was a terrifying ordeal for her and her children.

Alhamdolillah, I pray no one faces what I do with my children and the struggles we have.

– Umm Ahmed

IF Charity has sponsored one of her children, Ahmed, and with your help we will also continue to provide additional support. The children need food, medications and also essentials such as diapers.

You can watch Umm Ahmed’s story here:

You can donate and help Umm Ahmed and other mothers like her during this holy month.

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