Getting Ready for Ramadan!

March 23, 2022


Getting yourself ready for Ramadan is vital as the month can be as challenging as it is beneficial on the mind and the body. Ramadan is a special time that people look forward to and it is also a time of hope, faith and reflection.

How can you make the best of Ramadan?

  • Reflect on what was most difficult last year and how you can make things easier on yourself.
  • Make a list of duas and prayers you want to make and start now.
  • Cut down on your daily snacks and drinks and do some practice fasting, if you can.
  • Wake up a little earlier for Fajr and go to sleep as a regular time to get a routine going.
  • Make a list of goals for the month- do you want to pray more tahajjud? Do you want to complete the Quran? And then decide on a schedule for these things so you can stay consistent.
  • Look up ways to make the month fun- this can include trying new foods and recipes, planning activities with your friends and family, joining charity initiatives etc.
  • Give generously. This can be from your time, your wealth and your prayers.
  • Give extra importance to the pillars of Islam. This includes your fasts, salah and giving Zakat.

We hope that as Ramadan gets closer, we can all look forward to a peaceful month of worship and positive change in our habits, inshAllah!

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