Universal Children’s Day

November 19, 2021

iF Charity 2021_11_20_Universal Children's Day

The 20th of November is known as Universal Children’s Day.

It is a day to mark the ways in which society should be supporting and aiding children live their best lives and a day to celebrate children and the ways in which they contribute to the world and make it special.

iF Charity sponsors over 3000 children in Gaza as part of our one to one sponsorship programme and we have many other children focused projects. Over 50% of Gaza is under the age of 18 and Gaza’s children have experienced siege, bombardment and face poverty and uncertainty everyday.

Despite this, the children we work with are always keen to play, to learn and to talk to our staff about their lives and their interests.

With 80% of people in Gaza living in poverty, the impact of the siege on the well being of children has been dire. It is estimated more than a third of children are in need of psychosocial interventions and suffer from ongoing traumatic stress, and this number is likely to have increased since the May bombardment. The impact of the pandemic has also been to limit how children can learn and play and added to their worries.

Children in Gaza are not just statistics. They are beautiful and full of potential and spirit that needs protecting and nurturing. On Universal Children’s Day, iF Charity reaffirm our commitment to supporting Gaza’s children, ensuring our work addresses their needs and finding new ways to provide them with aid during difficult times. We can only do this with your help and we are grateful for your ongoing compassion for Gaza’s children.

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