Why is Gaza Important to our Volunteers?

September 1, 2021

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iF Charity is fortunate to have many volunteers and supporters that will raise funds, raise awareness and help us with our everyday work when needed. Volunteers are vital to a charity and from our trustees to our work experience staff, we have benefited from their time, their commitment and their skills.

This weekend a group of young volunteers climbed Mount Snowdon to raise funds for Gaza.

They not only climbed a mountain, but they also exceeded their fundraising target!

Here is what some of them told us:

“I felt that the situation in Palestine reached a worrying and tense phase this year. It didn’t feel right just sitting at home and watching the bombing of Gaza and evictions at Sheikh Jarrah. So supporting the first opportunity that came my way to raise funds for the besieged Gaza was extremely important. Seeing the aftermath of such a situation was a huge motivator to keep going.” – Ali

“Choosing a charity to entrust with such a large sum was something we considered, and after several conversations with activists knowledgeable about the situation on the ground in Gaza, we were directed to iF charity as one of the most effective charities for this cause. Furthermore, we found that iF charity was extremely supportive of our climb and offered their assistance and resources to assist us.” – Esa

“Seeing the carnage unfold in Gaza a few months ago and seeing the calamity those poor people went through motivated us all to join forces to raise funds and aim to undo at least some of the trauma they went through. It is our duty to help restore their sense of hope for the future and to give them much needed respite especially as most of the world has turned a blind eye to their suffering.” – Adeeb

“My mother would often talk about Palestine and how innocent people suffer every day there and how I should be grateful for everything I got, I lost my mother when I was 14 but her messaged stayed with me and when I saw this opportunity I had to do it for my mum and a special the innocent people of Palestine, I never thought I could do it but thinking about the innocent people and the love my late mother had for Palestine got me through it and made me go right to the top and a mention to the team I had behind me ever step of the way.” – Ramzan

Nobody in our world is useless, especially those who minimise the difficulties of others. Reaching down and helping others up is great training for the heart. Everybody benefits when we give blissfully and take benevolently. You haven’t lived until you’ve done something for someone who will never be able to repay you.

“The motivation behind my climb was to give the people of Palestine my time.
As one day I would love to the see people of Palestine live a life with no tears
The children running around with no fear
May they live to see a clear sky
And May their hardships and trials elevate their status so high
We must continue to pray and raise awareness
So that there is no longer any unfairness.” – Rameen

iF Charity is very grateful and inspired by these young people! We hope they they will stay dedicated to supporting the people of Gaza in every way they can!

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