Hope for Homes: Life in Gaza is a Struggle At Every Age

August 2, 2021

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The well known fact that any child over the age of 14 in the Gaza Strip has experienced 4 large scale bombardments is shocking and heart-breaking. Elders have lived through the Nakba, the Naksa whilst the parents of Gaza’s children have lived through the Intifadas, direct military and settler occupation and the ongoing siege. At every age, at every stage of life, the siege and occupation continue to cause struggle, uncertainty and misery.

Ahmed’s Story:

Ahmed is only 7 years old and has a blood disorder that seriously impacts his life. His family struggle with being able to afford their daily necessities as well as his treatment. Ahmed was able to travel out of Gaza for medical aid with his mother, Manal, but this was beyond the family’s means and has left them in more debt. Manal told us that they owe a lot of money to the supermarket and now not able to get anything on credit. During the recent assault, the family were unable to go to a shelter due to Ahmed’s high risk status and had to stay in one small room owned by family. The house faced damage and the children remain impacted by the fear of the attack. Their own home was undamaged but it is in poor condition and has made Manal’s asthma much worse. She has been able to access a nebuliser and the fear of Covid 19 looms over the family. iF Charity provided food aid to Ahmed’s family this Eid al Adha and after learning of their additional needs, we are hoping to provide more support and find Ahmed a sponsor.

Amna’s Story:

Amna is 69 years old and has lived alone since her own elderly parents passed away. Her home is asbestos infested and unfit for her needs and she has no other family. Amna told us that when she feels lonely she sits outside her house and watches passers by and children playing and whilst she as some neighbours that check in on her, she has no one to rely on and needs UNRWA assistance to meet her most basic food needs. Her health has declined with age and the Covid 19 crisis has left her fearful and more isolated. The medicines she needs are not expensive and available on any government schemes meaning she cannot have any relief from her pain and any improvement in her health. Amna is one of many elders in Gaza that have no family and after decades of occupation and siege, have lost much of their financial security or breadwinners. We provided Amna with aid during our Qurbani campaign and we are keen to support her further.

Sameera’s Story:

Sameera is a wife and mother who had an accident and injured her back causing her to be immobile for over a year. She has undergone three surgeries and requires treatment that isn’t available in Gaza but the family are unable to cover the costs of this. She also has hypertension and diabetes which require ongoing medications. Her husband was diagnosed with Schizophrenia 20 years ago and has been unable to work and earn enough due to his condition and his need for certain medications to manage. The family are in debt due to their medical costs and despite have a caring and supportive family, soaring poverty impacting them too has left Sameera and her husband struggling due to their health issues.

Each family we speak to share their stories with us with vulnerability and trust. We understand how difficult their situations are and how everyday is a struggle and iF Charity are keen to raise awareness of the impact and nature of poverty in Gaza and work to support families in the most appropriate and effective way whilst protecting their dignity.

You can help us by donating to our Gaza Family Fund and allow us to support people like Amna and families like Ahmed’s.

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