A Perpetual State of Anxiety

April 20, 2021

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The Gaza Strip has been under siege since 2007, has faced three large scale bombardments and is now struggling with Covid 19.

In addition to the above, violence and the threat of violence are a daily worry for people trying to survive in an ‘unliveable’ place.

Airstrikes, violence at the border, the long lasting impact of the ‘Great March of Return’ and fears of more large scale bombardments cause anxiety, fear and ongoing trauma in adults and children. The lack of a working economy and soaring unemployment causes ongoing financial insecurity that leaves many depressed and hugely distressed.

Providing humanitarian support to the people of Gaza is a huge task because the needs continue to grow and the harm being caused is multi dimensional and long reaching.

Each family we provide support to has many different disadvantages and problems and ensuring they are all met is difficult especially in the current climate when it comes to aid to Palestine and the Pandemic.

Zuhair’s Story…

We recently provided Zuhair, a father of two, with vital financial support to ensure he did not face imprisonment for defaulting on debts.

Once a successful businessman, the siege left him unable to keep his restaurant business going and his inability to pay back debts increased due to Covid 19 lockdowns. He spoke of how he had worked hard since he was a teenager to build his business and that he just wanted to provide for his wife and two children as best he could.

He was extremely grateful for the support at this time, as he will now be able to stay with his family for Ramadan. Zuhair still has debts and ongoing concerns about how will be provide for his family, but he appreciated that someone in the UK thought about him and donated to bring some comfort to him during Ramadan.

After a year of facing a global pandemic and uncertainty, we can all perhaps understand how the people of Gaza have been living. Even when the Pandemic is over, the siege and the damage to Gaza’s infrastructure and society will continue and for over 2 million people, life will be lived in perpetual anxiety.

iF Charity is committed to support the people of Gaza and ensuring we provide appropriate aid and protect the dignity of our beneficiaries. We can only do this with your ongoing generosity and compassion.

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