Your Ramadan ‘to-do list’

April 12, 2021

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Being prepared and organised in Ramadan can help you make the most out of your time and gain more benefit from this holy month!

Ramadan is both an exciting but also daunting time for many of us. We have work, families, health, fasting and an ongoing Pandemic to worry us! However, Ramadan is your time to find some peace, spiritually center yourself and also enjoy moments of worship and community in many ways.

Our to do list might help you organise yourself better, remind you of what you can get out of the month and you can also add anything you want to it!

How to make it a Ramadan like no other…

  • Get Punctual!

Have a timetable somewhere you can see it and on your phone, so you are always aware of the times you need to wake up, pray and break your fast!

  • Daily Dhikr

Set aside the same time everyday for some Dhikr. Add an alarm on your phone, if that helps. Keep it consistent and use the time to get away from your emails, phones and other people for some reflection and worship.

  • Daily Dua and Dua List

This is your month to pray for yourself and others and focus on the fact that Allah SWT is listening! Make a list of what you want and set aside time everyday to take some time out, remove distractions and converse with your Creator.

  • Being Active

It may be difficult to fast long hours and manage your activity and health, especially during a global pandemic. Remember to take some time to move, get away from your phone or laptop and do something like take a walk or light exercise.

  • Improve your Salah

Ramadan is the best time to increase your faith and practice. Whilst we will all endeavor to pray our five salah everyday, this is a good time to pray the Sunnah more, focus on your concentration and just remove distractions so you can get the most from it.

  • Read Quran

Set a goal for yourself in terms of finishing the Quran, improving your understanding and memorising it. Be consistent and stick to the same times everyday if you can! Reading Quran after each Salah is a great way to make time for it.

  • Giving Charity

This is the month to give charity and gain immense rewards. Make sure you calculate your Zakat, give sadaqah and you can even use automated donations systems to make sure you give during the last 10 days with ease!

  • Helping Others

Ramadan is a busy time for many people, especially those working and taking care of others. Take time out to be helpful at home, volunteer with any charities and be mindful of helping others, reaching out and being more community minded.

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