Can you help Gaza?

March 3, 2023

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The people in Gaza need your help more than ever. The ongoing siege has left Palestinians struggling to have access to basic rights and freedoms.

Due to the siege of Gaza, schools and educational institutions lack the necessary supplies to provide quality schooling. The bombing of schools over the years has severely affected education.

The blockade has also left medicines and life-saving treatments at zero-stock levels in Gaza. Frequent attacks on the coastal enclave have left hospitals struggling to treat patients. Families in Gaza struggle to afford basic healthcare. They often choose between medical treatment and basic daily essentials.

How to make a difference

The situation in Palestine can seem demoralising but collectively we can make a change.

With your support, the team at iF can provide school kits, uniforms and computers. We also help cover tuition fees for university students.

We provide also provide centres with medicines, medical disposables, and financial aid. We also carry out training programs for health practitioners.

With your donations, we can empower the people of Gaza, support them in their hardships and provide relief to their everyday struggles.

Want to raise money by doing a challenge? Register your interest here and help save lives.

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