International Day of Education: How iF supports the right to an education

January 5, 2023

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This month will mark the United Nations International Day of Education which is honoured globally to emphasise the fundamental right to education.

The 15-year-old siege in Gaza has crippled Palestinian children in their access to education. Schools have often been attacked in Gaza, which threatens the lives of children and teachers, and leaves the classrooms unfit for learning.

Schools in Gaza also deal with chronic power cuts. Due to the siege, Gaza only has access to electricity for 4-6 hours per day. This adversely affects learning time as well as access to resources.

How can you help? 

At iF, our Education Programme seeks to help Palestinian children during their school years. With your support, we arrange for uniforms and school kits to be handed out to students and provide extra-circular support. We also help finance tuition fees for university students.

Donate today and together we can support the right to an education for every Palestinian child.

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