Working Hard in Ramadan: Thank you IF’s Gaza team!

May 10, 2022

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IF Charity only works in the Gaza Strip and our expertise and impact are only possible with the hard work, skills and compassion of our field office.

Ramadan is a time of blessings but also of challenges for those providing humanitarian aid in a place like Gaza.

“Ramadan is the month of goodness where many people, families in need and patients are generously helped by our projects. The work pressures increase dramatically as we have so much to do and time constraints.” – Samar, Projects Coordinator

Our team provide not only deliver food and financial aid to thousands of families, but they also implement special requests and document things for our donors.

“Certain procedures like price quotations for in-kind items or the withdrawal of funds from the banks / checks issuing in order to distribute takes much time, without mentioning that these days are considered holidays for certain banks ”. – Mohammed, Head of Relief and Development

Visiting homes and talking with beneficiaries is difficult emotional labour. Sometimes our staff experience hostility and frustration from beneficiaries who are struggling. They also see the ways in which poverty, ill health and other issues impact vulnerable people, and it can be difficult not to get also get upset.

“In the last days of Ramadan, we provided a medical assistance to an elderly man. As soon as we entered his house and provided the assistance, the man started crying, I could not control myself and I cried so hard too. I was very touched; he was an old patient man living in a very bad life condition, he thanked us a lot for the timely help. I promised him to visit him again!” – Baha, Volunteer for Ramadan Distributions 

Every distribution and every campaign is about helping the most in need, and our staff are always ready to ensure we reach new people, provide the right support and above all, let people in Gaza know they are not alone! IF Charity would like to thank our team in Gaza for their hard work in Ramadan and throughout the year and we pray Allah SWT accepts it from you and rewards you!


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