After The Bombs: Testimonies From Gaza

April 25, 2022

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As Ramadan was ending last year, the people of Gaza faced a large scale bombardment that lasted for 11 days and was of a ferocity not seen before. The attack left over 260 people dead, thousands injured and Gaza’s 2 million resident further traumatised.

This Ramadan the fear of similar violence has hung heavy of the people of Gaza. Bombings earlier on in Ramadan caused much concern and people remain fearful and anxious.

The impact of this kind of violence is long term, on people and on the Gaza Strip. Recovery is impossible whilst being under siege and still under threat.

I didn’t know how to behave or where to put my children….There was bombing everywhere, we didn’t know where it came from or where it would hit.”

-Musayyer, Beit Hanoun

We went back home after the bombing stopped, we found the house all destroyed. All my childhood and memories were done and dusted under the rubble.

Rahaff, Beit Hanoun

I have witnessed many wars… It it wasn’t for Allah SWT’s mercy we would have died of fear, especially the kids who were running to hide.

Abdul Wahhab, 83 years old speaking about the May 2021 Assault

You can hear some testimonies from people that experienced the violence and how it has impacted them here:

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