Ramadan Meals in Gaza

March 25, 2022

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With over 80% of Gaza’s population coping with food insecurity and a siege that has limited imports and exports, food carries importance beyond just sustenance in Gaza.

Food is memory, food is tradition and food evokes memories of good times.

Ramadan is when Muslims fast from before sunrise to sunset, but what we do in suhoor and iftar is important for our health and our enjoyment of the month.

Last year you helped us feed thousands of people and bring comfort and ease during Ramadan. You also helped us provide food aid to families impacted by the bombardment and bring relief to those with unwell children, elders and people with disabilities in their family through food parcel distributions.

What do people eat for suhoor and Iftar in Gaza?

People will usually try to buy what they need and use it quickly. For those living in more rural areas, it can be difficult to get to shops but there are vendors on carts that sell in those areas too.” – Dana, IF Charity Staff in Gaza

With limited electricity, many people will eat foods that don’t need to be kept cold. This can include canned foods, cooked beans, eggs, cheese, hummous and bread. These are also the types of food IF Charity provides in its food packs, as well also giving fresh food distributions.

For iftar, we are told that friend foods are common at the table as is rice, salad and soup. Gaza is famous for seafood, although the availability and price of this has been severely impacted by the Siege, Gaza’s fish dishes are an important part of its food identity.

Gaza’s agriculture and livestock industry have been impacted by the siege and poverty rates. Agriculture is one of the 3 main sectors of employment for people of Gaza but is facing crisis after crisis. The siege and multiple bombardments have damaged vital infrastructure leading to the death of livestock, destruction of farmland and facilities and increases in prices.

People are less able to afford meat which is already scarce. IF Charity includes meat or chicken in its prepared Iftar meals, which also supports the livestock and food industry.

You can help us reach more food insecure families this Ramadan. Donate your Zakat and Sadaqah to the people of Gaza.

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