2021: How You Helped the People of Gaza

December 28, 2021

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2021 was a year of violence, uncertainty and ongoing crisis for the people of Gaza. The Covid 19 Pandemic hit the Gaza Strip hard in late 2020 and continued to cause chaos to its health sector in 2021. Towards the end of the month of Ramadan, the people of Gaza were subjected to a horrifying 11 day bombardment that killed over 262 people and left thousands of people injured, homeless and traumatised.

Recovering from such violence is a slow and upill struggle, especially as the siege continues and the economy has no potential for real growth. Unemployment is worse than ever and the resilience of the people is being tested daily.

Although NGOs and charities are not a solution, they a vital form of support for those who have no other way to meet their daily needs. iF Charity’s work in Gaza continued to focus on the immediate needs of people and the best ways to help the community through medical aid and resources.

You helped us make a real difference to thousands of people and provide lifelines of support. iF Charity are truly grateful for your trust in us and your compassion. We hope you will carry this into 2022, and as the needs continue to grow, we hope to continue and increase our reach to help more people.

Although it has been a very difficult year, we continue to be inspired by the resilience and strength we see in Gaza, and we will continue to work to ease their burdens and help them achieve their basic human rights.

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