International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

October 17, 2021

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Over 80% of people in Gaza are reliant on international assistance to meet their basic needs. Unemployment is over 40% and this is one of the highest rates in the world.

Gaza is densely population, has been under siege for over 14 years and is facing the Covid-19 Pandemic with a public health sector that has struggled under siege and four mass bombardments since 2008.

Families struggling with poverty have multiple issues including food insecurity, being unable to afford medicines, being unable to pay for education and having poor housing. With a stagnated economy, the ability earn is severely limited and all forms of industry and labour have been impacted by the siege.

iF Charity works with thousands of families who are struggling with the impact of poverty and the limitations caused by the siege. They are unable to access medicines for sick family members, they are reliant on aid that is reducing due to the increasing demands and decreasing donors and they are finding it harder to stay resilient and be hopeful for the future.

More than half of Gaza’s population are children and the impact of poverty on their lives is immense and worrying. Over a million children have known nothing but siege, violence and watching their own parents and carers struggle with poverty and deprivation.

Poverty causes misery, chaos and denies people their humanity. An end to poverty in Gaza requires an end to the siege, and massive international political will to demand change and justice. On this day, iF Charity reiterate our commitment to help families limit the harm caused by ongoing poverty and help find ways to protect their well-being and dignity. We will continue to sponsor children, provide medical and food aid for families and support job creation and income generation and your support is why we can helps thousands of families every year.

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