The Day of Arafah

July 15, 2021

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Why is the Day of Arafah so important?

The 9th day of the month of Dhul Hijjah is not only the day before Eid al Adha, it is also the ‘Day of Arafah’ and is an especially holy day for Muslims.

This day is considered when Allah SWT perfected Islam for Muslims and it is also when Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) gave his final sermon on Mount Arafah itself.

As pilgrims of the Hajj gather on Mount Arafah, Muslims across the globe will fast for and worship their Creator. The mountain is also the place Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) was about to sacrifice his son before he was stopped by Allah SWT.

The Prophet’s (PBUH) final sermon is seen as vital guidance for Muslims and this is the day many will reflect upon it. The Day is also linked to the concept of mercy, as it is said the sins of a Muslim are forgiven if they seek this day. That is why many see this day as a spiritual reset and will aim to do as much worship and good deeds as possible. This includes fasting, praying and giving charity.

The Day of Arafah begins after sunset on the 18th of July. How will you make the most of this special day?

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