After the Bombs: Providing Food Aid and Material Support to Families

July 12, 2021


Our Gaza Field Office have been delivering vital food aid and assistive devices such as crutches and wheelchairs to people impacted by the May assault on Gaza.

Although the mass assault is over and a ceasefire is in place, Gaza has still been bombed twice since May and the Pandemic continues to impact people across the besieged Strip.

Your support and generosity has meant we could provide families with food parcels containing staple food items and provide them with some food security for the coming weeks. In addition to that, we also provided assistive devices such as crutches, wheelchairs and other forms of support for those with disabilities to ensure they could stay mobile and maintain a better quality of life.

iF Charity are solely focused on providing humanitarian relief and development aid in Gaza and although Gaza is not in the headlines the situation remains critical and the needs on the ground continue to grow.

With your help we are able to serve the people of Gaza during these difficult times and ensure they are not left to suffer alone.

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