Calm in Gaza: Siege, Trauma and Uncertainty

May 24, 2021

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After 11 days of relentless violence, the people of Gaza heard that a ceasefire had been agreed and came into effect on the 21st of May. The assault on Gaza killed 245 people, at least 66 of them children. With over 1700 people injured, thousands of damaged buildings and over 50,000 people displaced, the long term consequences are dire.

iF Charity are committed to supporting the people of Gaza as they try to recover and rebuild. This includes providing vital support for individuals, services and health institutions.

We provided financial support to M Attar, who lost his wife and children when his house was hit during an airstrike alongside other impacted families. Our team also provided assistive devices and disposables to Al Shifa and provided iftar meals to medical personnel.

We know that the damage to the Gaza Strip is immense and overwhelming. The already stagnant economy has suffered losses that will further entrench poverty and harm the quality of life for people. The thousands of displaced people are more at risk of Covid 19 and the impact on mental health is unimaginable

50% of Gaza is under 18 years of age and the long term consequences of ongoing trauma and limited opportunities, as well as damage to homes, families and the environment are hugely worrying.

The reality is that however vicious this assault was, with the siege in place, a ceasefire brings limited safety and makes recovery an impossibly long road.

iF Charity will be working for the people of Gaza every day, every year until they are able to achieve their basic rights. Our work does not stop when Gaza fades from the headlines and our work remains are critical as ever.

We are grateful for the support our donors have show and we are very grateful to our field office for continuing their important work. Together, we can make a difference for vulnerable families and we urge you to continue donating, advocating and praying for Palestine!

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