Carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders…

April 27, 2021

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There is so much struggle when you are the head of a household, especially when ill health, disability and poverty are involved.

For those looking after family members with health issues or disabilities, poverty adds another layer of misery and stress. So many families in Gaza are unable to access food, clean water, medicines and economic opportunities so they can afford better homes and pay their bills.

The crisis in Gaza is one facing 2 million people, but each of them are real and human, not just statistics and numbers.

A struggling wife, mother and sister…

Samia and her son at her home

Samia is not only the carer for her cancer stricken husband and three young sons but she also looks after her three disabled brothers since the death of her parents. Samia is dependent on charitable support but the family need medicines, food and other essentials that she cannot afford. She collects cans and metal scraps to sell to make some money.

Her home is a tin roofed shack with no appliances and is not suitable for her family. Samia’s own health is likely to decrease if she carries this burden alone. iF Charity provided her with food aid to help during Ramadan, and we are keen to do more for her.

Coping with cancer and raising children alone…

Haneen with her son, Mohammed

Haneen was abandoned by her husband fourteen years ago. She has been raising her daughter and her son, who has brain damage from birth, all alone since then.

Eight months ago Haneen was diagnosed with breast cancer. The survival rate for women with breast cancer in Gaza is much lower than it should be because of the impact of the siege. She needs daily medications and will need an operation after Ramadan. Her main concern is the well being of her children and she dedicates her time to looking after her son, who also needs medicines and essentials such as diapers.

iF Charity provided Haneen with food aid for Ramadan, and she was extremely grateful to have items to cook and make meals with for the month. Haneen is a caring and selfless mother, and we are keen to show her that she is not alone and give her hope.

A father and son that wants to do more for his family…

Khalid with his son

Khalid lives with his wife and his 7 other family members. He is the breadwinner but also suffers from kidney problems and has been struggling with his health. His son is quadriplegic due to a mistake during surgery and he requires 24/7 care and essentials the family cannot afford.

He is also looking after his elderly mother whose health has declined and requires ongoing medications to manage. iF Charity provided Khalid’s family with food aid and we want to ensure we can do more for him as he tries to do his best for his family.

A mother’s wish for her vulnerable children….

Basma with her two young children

Basma’s two sons were born with brain damage and paralysis and she has taken care of them under extremely difficult conditions. She has relied on taking debts from the pharmacy to afford their medications and she has been unable to find a job, despite being a graduate with a sociology degree.

She lives in a small room in a shared home and it is not suitable for her boys. The cost of their care, including diapers, physiotherapy and other supplies is beyond her and she dreams of being able to work and earn for her family. We are keen to provide some comfort to Basma alongside the food aid provided for Ramadan.

If you want to help these families and others like them, you can donate here or call us on 0121 663 1309 today! Together, we can make a real difference to the lives of those struggling in Gaza, inshAllah!

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