Ramadan For Kids

April 14, 2021


The holy month of Ramadan is about worship and reflection, but it is also about good deeds and being grateful for our blessings.

For children, the month should be festive, fun and also educational.

Here are some of our tips for making this Ramadan one for the kids!

  • Get festive with your surroundings

Get the kids to help you decorate the house with Islamic imagery, patterns, lanterns and add some lights too! You can find lots of tutorials on line to give you ideas.

  • Include the kids in prayer times

Give them their own prayer mat and space, and let them join in when they can.

  • Watch Islamic cartoons and lectures together and then have a discussion time

There are great resources online that are age appropriate and fun. Always make a family activity and give them a chance to ask questions!

  • Choose a cause together and have a charity box in which they can place sadaqah daily to stress the importance of being compassionate

Ramadan is a great time to educate your kids on injustice, poverty and how they can help. It is the best time to encourage them to be generous, charitable and compassionate.

  • Have fun making Ramadan treats together to give to neighbours, friends and family

Cooking and baking is fun and you can get involved in our special Ramadan challenge and raise funds to help other children in Gaza too!

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