Ramadan Traditions

April 13, 2021

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What are some Ramadan traditions in the Gaza Strip?

Ramadan is a month of fasting and reflection, however it is also a festive time for family, food and positive vibes!

Despite the hardships faced by people in the Gaza Strip, there are many community and personal traditions people try to continue and keep their spirits up in Ramadan.

Eating Together

Families will begin and break their fasts together. Although the spread of Covid 19 will limit this tradition, families will still try to ensure those from their household will be together at iftar time.

Sharing Food

Sharing food an important Ramadan tradition and this means cooking for others and giving food to neighbours. Palestinians make a lot of delicious food that is perfect for sharing. You too can share food and also help the people of Gaza by taking part in our Iftar Challenge for Gaza!

Waking up for Suhoor

Across the Middle East men with drums will go from door to door to wake people up for Suhoor. This fun tradition is done in good spirits and laughter to get everyone in the right mood, even though they are waking up early!

Decorating Streets and Homes

Palestinians will decorate streets, shops and homes with lanterns and special signs for Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr. This gives the environment a festive feel and helps people remember that Ramadan is a month like no other.

Praying Taraweeh at the Mosque

The Taraweeh prayers are specific to Ramadan and are prayed in congregation at the mosque. They are often long and can be tiring but people take advantage of this time to stand in prayer and listen to the Holy Quran being recited every night. Due to the spread of Covid 19, many mosques will be closed and prayers in large crowds will not be likely, although some places may cater to socially distanced praying.

Sweet Treats for Iftar

After breaking your fast, a little sugar is a good way to gain some energy! Dates are a staple item in Ramadan and most people will break their fast with a date. You can also make some sweet treats, including chocolate covered dates and help us raise funds for Gaza in our ‘Be Sweet to Others‘ challenge!

Giving Charity and Zakat ul Fitr

Ramadan is a month where your good deeds are multiplied and there is reward in everything good, including making good intentions and having good thoughts! Giving charity is a Ramadan tradition and everyone able gives their sadaqah, or zakat or simply shares food, smiles more and makes more effort to be kind and helpful.

Zakat ul Fitr is a specific tradition and must be given before the Eid prayer. It is a small sum incumbent on every adult Muslim and is usually given as food or cash to provide food for the most needy on the day of Eid.

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