What Charity Means in Gaza

September 5, 2020


The situation in Gaza is often poorly understood by people. It is a humanitarian crisis that is entirely man made. The siege and ongoing violence subjected on the people of Gaza have not only caused economic and social degradation for over a decade but have now created an untenable situation in the face of the more recent Covid 19 pandemic.

As new cases of local transmission are being discovered daily and 4 deaths have been reported, the prospect of a mass outbreak is terrifying in Gaza. It is one of the most densely populated places in the world and its health sector is struggling to cope with every day needs. It does not have the capacity to protect people during an outbreak.

80% of the population is reliant on international assistance to survive and the role of charitable organisations is hugely important in Gaza, where unemployment is up to 40%.

Although charitable aid is not an answer or a solution to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, it is vital in preventing unnecessary suffering and supporting the people of Gaza are they persevere and try to live their lives.

Your support for our projects has allowed us to support over 3000 families with regular financial aid and provide over 2000 more with seasonal aid and emergency support. We have provided vital medicines and disposables since the beginning of the pandemic, as well as hygiene kits and food parcels for families under lockdown.

Our staff have also been continuing to support their community by working with the health sector and checking in on vulnerable beneficiaries.

On this #CharityDay we want to thank you for your willingness to give charity and give with such concern for Gaza. You have continued to remember the difficulties facing the people of Gaza and ensured that their struggle isn’t made invisible. On this day, we should recognise the important role and impact that the act of charity can have and also ensure we practice it with sincerity and purpose. We hope there will be a day that Gaza no longer needs international assistance and its people can live their lives in peace and prosperity. However, during these difficult and dangerous times, we are committed to charity, development and empowerment in Gaza.

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