How You Made Eid Better for Gaza

July 16, 2020


Gaza has been under siege for over 13 years, The siege has had a detrimental impact on the economy, on social life and on the well being of its population. The siege has damaged the infrastructure of Gaza in terms of its health care system and vital amenities such as water and power.

In addition to the siege, mass bombardments and the violence suffered by protestors during the year long ‘Great March of Return’ has further damage to Gaza’s people and its infrastructure.

As we celebrate Eid ul Adha, iF Charity will be providing Qurbani meat and financial aid to vulnerable families thanks to your kindness.

In 2019, you helped us:

– Provide over 5000 families with financial aid

– Gift over 3000 families with meat and food aid

– Host parties for dozens of children from disadvantaged families

– Support local farms and farmers by purchasing their livestock in Gaza’s limited economy

– Plant olive and fruit trees in Gaza to support farmers and their families

This year we aim to help even more families and also provide vital support during the ongoing Covid19 Crisis. This is all possible due to your kindness and compassion for the people of Gaza. Thank you!

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