Share your blessings with Gaza this Ramadan

April 28, 2020

Children in Gaza Smiling

The blessed month of Ramadan has arrived, a time to strengthen our relationship with Allah (SWT) and obtain His mercy and forgiveness. It is also a time to reap and share the blessings offered to us, by carrying out good deeds and giving in the way of charity. 

Every Ramadan, iF charity gives you a way to share your blessings with those in the Gaza Strip who urgently need support.

The people of Gaza are facing a devastating humanitarian crisis. Years of siege have left families struggling with worsening poverty and a deterioration of essential services, including healthcare, water and sanitation. As the coronavirus outbreak spreads across the Middle East, these vital services could be pushed further to the brink of collapse, putting some of the most vulnerable lives at risk.  

By providing families in Gaza with urgent relief, including cash aid, food and medical aid, you can help to ease their burdens and restore hope to their lives during this this holy month.

Since 2002, iF Charity has been working with its partners to support Palestinians through a variety of relief and development programmes. You can support families in Gaza during this special time by donating to our Ramadan programmes today. Find out more here.

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