Coronavirus while under siege; Gaza facing humanitarian catastrophe

April 24, 2020

iF Charity - COVID-19 Gaza Emergency Appeal

The health sector in the Gaza Strip has been devastated by years of conflict and siege. Hospitals and health clinics are facing a critical shortage of medicines and essential disposables, with many life-saving medicines at zero stock levels, including anti-cancer drugs and antibiotics.

The Coronavirus Crisis risks exacerbating an already catastrophic situation across Gaza’s health sector. With poor resources and limited capacity, Gaza’s health ministry has warned that the coastal enclave is on the edge of an eminent disaster amidst the fight against the pandemic.

For years, iF Charity’s Medical Aid projects have focused on addressing the health status and wellbeing of some of the most vulnerable people in Gaza.

This includes helping to relieve the financial burden placed on families seeking costly treatments. We also work to improve the health sector in general, providing training to health staff and subsidies for struggling hospitals and health clinics.

This Ramadan, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip will be facing a coronavirus outbreak while struggling under a debilitating siege. They urgently need support as they try to keep themselves safe. To find out how you can help, click here.

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