Gaza: Out in the Cold

Help us to protect families in Gaza this winter

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The Gaza Strip is one of the most intolerable places to live, especially during the winter months. The siege has devastated the economy, it has caused the near collapse of the health sector and forced Palestinians into a life of poverty and deprivation. More than 95% of Gaza’s drinking water supply is unfit for human consumption and more than 80% of the population rely on humanitarian aid to survive. 

This winter, the Covid-19 Crisis will cause even more suffering for the people of Gaza. Clean water, safe shelter and hygiene supplies are essential for public health during the pandemic, but many cannot access these without support. 

Struggling to survive in what has become known as the world’s only “open-air prison”, families are reaching breaking point.  No family should be forced to choose between life’s most basic necessities.  

iF Charity is a specialist charity dedicated to relief and aid in Gaza. While the siege and Covid-19 Crisis continue to devastate lives in the Gaza Strip this winter, we will be working on the ground to provide food parcels, hygiene kits, warm clothes, shelter support and financial aid to thousands of families.  

Please do not leave Gaza Out in the Cold this winter. Donate to iF Charity today and help us protect families in urgent need.  

How you can help

£35can provide winter supplies; clothes, blankets & heaters.

£45can provide winter food and water aid to a family

£25can provide COVID-19 hygiene kit & supplies

£40can provide shelter support

£50can supply emergency family cash and financial support

Help us to protect families in Gaza this winter